One Year

My one year blogging anniversary passed me by without even noticing.  My first post was on November 5th of last year.  For your reading pleasure, here are some useless Google Analytics statistics:

Unique Visitors: 1835 
Visits: 4548 
Page Views: 7015

Every state except North Dakota has visited this site.  I can only assume that North Dakotans are too busy fracking to bother reading blogs.  Every European country except Portugal has also visited this site.  I’m just going to say that they’re too busy fracking too, what with their gorgeous beaches and all.

Chrome and Firefox account for 63% of the web traffic.  40% of the traffic is from cell phones and tablets.  Facebook is by far the largest referral site followed by Google+ and, surprisingly, the New England Skeptics Society.  Do I have a fan there? The top ten most viewed pages are:

  1. The main page – 954 hits
  2. Kristin The Hero – 156 hits – a true story about a woman who defeated fire
  3. Why Does It Feel Good When Someone Touches You – 113 hits – people search for this a lot apparently
  4. Whenever I Was Sad My Grandmother Gave Me Karate Chops – 106 hits – another popular search and hilarious video about bullying
  5. Respectability Politics – 69 hits – a term I’d never heard of and neither had others, given the number of hits
  6. What Part Of Well Regulated Don’t We Understand – 65 hits – ah, the 2nd Amendment…
  7. But The City Is So Unsafe – 64 hits – I make fun of people who don’t understand statistics
  8. Why The American Disdain For The Poor – 63 hits – we hates us some poor people
  9. The Book Thief Book Review – 58 hits – due to the upcoming movie, no doubt
  10. Teach For America Is Evil – 52 hits – the path to hell is paved with good intentions


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    1. Jean-Paul Post author

      Har. That was completely unintentional, but strangely appropriate. It should help me to remember it in the future.

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