Kristin The Hero

So, how many of you had burn victims in your bathtub today?  Yeah, didn’t think so.

There was a fire in one of the units down the hall in my building.  Kristin was home and heard screams from the hallway and smelled smoke.  She looks out the peephole and sees two very burned men screaming “fire!” in Polish.  Kristin knows this because, of course, she speaks a little Polish.  Who doesn’t, right?  She then very calmly proceeds to call the fire department and informs them that there is a fire in the building.

But there are still two highly excited Polish men with burns in the hallway!  They must be taken care of!  Kristin lets them in so they can run cool water over their burns while waiting for the EMTs to arrive.  Because that’s what heroes do.

Kristin’s work is far from done, though!  For what’s that out in the hall?  Is that fire?  It is!  To the fire extinguisher!  Kristin grabs the the fire extinguisher from the closet and proceeds to put out the fire that had escaped into the hall.  Who wouldn’t, right?

The rest is all boring, run of the mill, everyday hero stuff.  Letting the EMTs in to treat the burn victims, filing a report with the police, talking to jittery neighbors.  I mean, who doesn’t do that on a daily basis?

Kristin leads such a boring life.  I am in awe of her stay calm and carry on demeanor when in a crisis.

The aftermath of the hallway:


The aftermath of the bathroom:


Bonus Kristin quote: “There’s nothing like chunks of burned flesh to motivate you to clean the bathroom.”

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