The Climate Is Changing, Unreasonable People Disagree

Phil Plait, the Baddest Astronomer in the whole damn town and one of the people I would like in my neighborhood, points to something that should be pretty obvious at this point, but is certainly worth repeating.  The climate is changing.  We are causing a lot of it.  There is a lot of research on this.  99.8% of all articles agree with this.  Even Richard Muller, the man who doubted climate change and was hired by the Koch brothers to investigate the evidence,  came to the same conclusion.

The best way for a scientist to become known is to prove another scientist wrong.  To believe that there is a giant cabal of scientists that are silencing dissent is to completely misunderstand how the scientific process works.  There is more money in proving that climate change isn’t happening than in proving that climate change is happening.  Scientists that work for the government don’t make a lot of money.  Scientists that work for big business do.  Big business pays a lot of money to try to disprove climate change.  How many scientists do you think would be lining up to make more money and make a name for themselves if they thought there was actually a chance that climate change theories were wrong?  A lot.  That’s how many.

The scientific method: proving people wrong since 1600 BC.