Movie Review: Deadpool

Jean-Paul’s Rating: 5/5 stars

Bottom Line: As close to perfect as you can get when you’re talking about superhero movies.  Devilishly clever and doesn’t take itself seriously.

You’re in for a different kind of superhero movie.  You know that right off the bat with the opening credits.  Starring: A moody teenager, etc.  Yep, “Deadpool” has gone meta.  Not only does the movie break the fourth wall with impunity, it also pokes massive fun of the genre itself and of Ryan Reynolds’ checkered superhero career.  It’s a dangerous stylistic move and could have failed miserably, but this movie has the right cast and the right director to pull it off.

Much of the success can be attributed to Ryan Reynolds.  He plays Wade/Deadpool as a kind of badass version of the slapsticky character he played in “Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place”, if you’re old enough to remember it.  Which I am.  Reynolds has proven himself to be a capable all around actor, but his forte remains comedy.  He just has this smarmy charm about him that lets him get away with lines that no one else would be able to pull off to the same effect.

Behind all the Ryan Reynolds awesomeness sits a very fun movie.  Sure, it devolves into the very cliche damsel in distress genre of movie and I think comedy gold was forsaken not pointing out all that obviousness, but the ride there is massively entertaining for both comic geeks and the uninitiated.  I consider myself more of the latter or maybe wading into the kiddie pool of comic geekdom, but let me tell you there are Easter eggs galore for both groups.

This movie was a blast.  You so need to see it.  You actually feel a part of the movie because of the artistic use of fourth wall breaking.  In fact, stay through all of the credits.  You won’t be disappointed if you are of a certain age.  Which is to say old.  They pay homage to a certain other super successful fourth wall breaking movie in perfect Deadpool style.