Whither Scotland?

I really don’t have much to say about the subject, I just think that anytime you can find an excuse to use “whither” in a post you should take it.

Scotland is voting for independence from the United Kingdom today.  This makes Scotland the first country in decades to not be bombed into independence by the United States.

There are lots of good reasons for independence and lots of good reasons for remaining in the union.  The best reason for Scotland going its own way is that Scotland’s official animal is the unicorn.  It’s even on their seal.  We totally need more unicorns on flags.  There is also the fact that England treats them like the red-headed step-child of the family.  Hmm, I wonder if that term actually came from England’s treatment of Scotland…  As for staying, Scotland is basically the left wing of Parliament.  If Scotland leaves, it would make the United Kingdoms veer more heavily to the right than they already are.  There’s also the whole “your economy will collapse if you leave” thing, but you know, whatevs.

The economic question is actually quite interesting.  Scotland has oil, but all signs point to it already being past its prime in oil producing capacity.  There’s certainly enough there still to help it through the initial hard times they are likely to encounter once they go independent.  Then there’s the currency.  What do they do there?  Stay on the British Pound?  Unlikely.  You don’t want your economy to be tied to the currency of the lover you just spurned.  Go with the Euro?  A better choice, but still there’s the whole not having control of your own currency problem.  Create your own currency?  If they are going to have unicorns on it, yes!  Being able to control your own currency is very important in riding out economic hardships, but Scotland’s not terribly large and there’s the danger that the international community could sink the new currency.  It’s not an easy choice.

Whichever Scotland chooses, I wish them the best.  They’ve gotten short shrift for too long.  I, personally, hope they stay because of the whole England turning righter than the Republican party thing.

5 thoughts on “Whither Scotland?

  1. Chris

    I’ve heard a lot of good arguments on both sides too, but as far as energy resources, while the oil will probably run out in the next 30 years, Scotland has wanted to move into wind and solar power and parliament has ignored them and not allowed them to. This would at least allow them to diversify their energy production to plan for the future. Also, I’ve heard that while the SNP is left wing, it was a small portion of the left wing in Westminster. Scotland leaving will allow the Tories to gain a majority which could get ugly, but could also cause backlash which balances the parties back.

    Either way, I fully agree that it’ll be interesting to see and I hope Scotland is able to be a better country for it.

  2. Jaime

    With a outstanding 85% voter turn out and by a 55/45 margin, They get to simultaneously be Scottish, British and Citizens of the UK until the next vote. (Just don’t call them English).

    So no Uni for you!!!!

    Not sure how they break things down in Scotland, but for my purposes I’ll call them Counties. Only 4 out of 32 Counties voted For Independence. Dundee county had the highest percentage For with a 57/43 margin, while Orkney county had the Highest Percentage against at 33/67.

    Once this generation of pensioners dies off, maybe next time they’ll have a chance.

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