The Universally Feared Bike Brigade

I had a dream where I was chosen to join an elite crew that went on dangerous missions throughout the world.  The training consisted mostly of riding bikes places and being able to assemble and disassemble them.  We went out on our first mock mission and I was assigned a tandem bike and we rode to what looked like downtown Evanston.  When we got there, the drill sergeant told me to give him my pliers.  I didn’t have any pliers.  He proceeds to ream me for not having pliers and not being prepared and how was I supposed to fix a bike if I didn’t have pliers.  I argue with him that no one told me that I needed to bring pliers and besides he had a pair of pliers in his hand already.  He responded that he isn’t always going to be there to supply me with a pair of pliers and what would I do then?  He then shows me this large chart of tools that he expects me to have at all times and that if I want to stay in this unit I need to shape up.  Then I woke up.