Ah, Pierogi Day!

It’s the weekend after Thanksgiving and Christmas is right around the corner.  That means Saturday was Pierogi Day!  It’s the day that my family gets together and makes pierogi for Christmas.  For you heathens out there who don’t know what pierogi are, they’re the Polish version of dumplings.  Take some filling of some sort, wrap it in dough, boil and there you have it, pierogi!

We specialize in two types of pierogi.  By far, the best is our kapusta pierogi.  And boy, is it good!  We also make a cheese pierogi.  We used to do dry curd cottage cheese, but that’s become impossible to find so my ever inventive brother came up with a cheese concoction of his own with alfredo sauce, pepper jack and mozzarella.  His version is much better than the cottage cheese version.  We usually end up making somewhere between 100 and 150 a year and we have become quite the well oiled machine.  This year we made about 130 in three hours.

But of course, the best part about Pierogi Day is taking the extras home with you.  I was ever so proud of myself that I refrained from eating a single one on Saturday.  This is a new record for me.  Today, I didn’t fare so well.  I may or may not have eaten 12 for dinner.  I strongly suspect that my cat ate some on my plate when I wasn’t looking.  I’m just going to say that she ate 10 of them.  I asked her and she didn’t deny it.  If history is any experience, the remaining 10 or so pierogi will be done by Wednesday.  And then I have to wait all the way to Christmas Eve to have any more.  Oh, the humanity!