The Day Before Thanksgiving Is The Worst Friday Ever

You know how Friday afternoons at work always seem to drag on and on like a sentence that doesn’t quite want to end even though it should have ended long ago but the sheer weight of it seems to make it continue ever more slowly as the words tick by until you just wish that it would all just end already and release you from this never-ending torment?

Yeah, take that and multiply it by infinity and that’s how the Wednesday before Thanksgiving feels.  First off, four day weekend!  Am I right?  Then there’s the fact that work is like a ghost town only it would be more interesting if there were ghosts somewhere.  And since much of my job is interacting with those non-existent clients and answering their non-existent questions, it translates to even less to keep me occupied than usual.  Not to mention that the whole interwebs is also already in Thanksgiving mode and the most interesting thing to read is a post about whether cranberries are better fresh or in a can.  Answer? Cranberries are evil and should be burned.

There’s also the anticipation of seeing family and stuffing myself full of delectable dishes and Dionysian delights.  And don’t forget Second Thanksgiving.  If you do not celebrate Second Thanksgiving, you really should.  What you do is take First Thanksgiving and do it again only bigger and with a lot more strangers.

So yeah, all in all, today is full of ugh.