Oh, The Horror!

This past Monday, in honor of Labor Day, I did what every other Real American was doing.  Not work.  It’s a Labor Day tradition.  Unlike most American, I decided to memorialize the current sorry state of Labor in America by watching a couple of horror movies.  Both movies were less scary and contained less blood than working at McDonald’s.

The first one was “Tucker and Dale vs. Evil”.  This has been on my suggested viewing Netflix list for a long time but I never really gave it much thought since it didn’t seem up my alley.  Boy, was I wrong.  This is one of those movies that has an idea so great you’re surprised no one has ever thought of it before.  The horror is comedic and the blood is over the top.  If you’re expecting a serious horror movie, look elsewhere, but if a horror movie with lots of laughs sounds about your style, I highly recommend it.

The second one was “Dead Snow”.  This one’s foreign so those of you who don’t like subtitles should look elsewhere.  If you do look elsewhere, though, you’ll miss the Nazi zombies.  And the Nazi zombie entrails.  And the dude hanging off the cliff by Nazi zombie entrails.  And many other cunningly creative blood and guts play.  This one quickly turns into a gore fest and doesn’t let up.  Fun for the entire family.  If your family’s idea of fun is smashing in Nazi zombie heads.  What’s wrong with your family?