Oil To Plastic, Plastic To Oil

We all know that oil is used to create plastic.  Well now there is an invention to turn plastic back into oil.  Watch:

What a goldmine for developing countries!  They will get free oil that can be used for heating or cooking all while saving them money and reducing their garbage footprint.  I guess this would also come in handy for those industrialized areas that still use heating oil, but small scale stuff like this seems pretty pointless for urban areas.  I’m sure there’s a larger scale equivalent that major cities could use to collect the plastic and save on their own electric bills or sell off to someone who is willing to convert the plastic.

The video is, unfortunately, a little vague on details.  For instance, what is the byproduct?  It can’t all be oil.  Regardless, this has the makings of a revolutionary product that may become commonplace as resources get scarcer and scarcer.