Do you know what’s creepy? Mosquitoes!

Ever wonder what happens when a mosquito bites you?  Well wonder no further!  The thing that you think of as the mosquito’s needle is actually a sheath and these tiny filaments are hidden inside and they are what go searching for a blood vessel.  It reminds me somewhat of an anteater sticking his tongue down an ant hole.  Something I didn’t know, mosquitoes actually fail to draw blood more often than they succeed.  In the last video, you can actually see a mosquito hitting a blood vessel and sucking blood out.  He sucks so hard you can see the blood vessel contracting!  There is also some talk about how malarial mosquitoes behave differently than non-malarial mosquitoes.  They’re not sure why but they think it may have to do with the parasite actually controlling the mosquito’s actions.  Wild stuff!