Whatever You Do, Don’t Move To Arizona

Or New Mexico.  Or Utah.  Or southern California.  Why?  Water.  Lake Mead and Lake Powell, two of the largest man-made reservoirs of potable water are getting smaller.  These two lakes are basically responsible for the vast tracts of land surrounding them being habitable by humans.

They’re probably overpopulated as it is if you assume that this is just your normal 100 year drought.  If you think man-made climate change is here and happening, the Southwest is in for a world of hurt.

The history of the Colorado River is absolutely fascinating.  If this kind of thing interests you, I highly recommend you follow the link above and the links contained therein.  For instance, did you know that the Colorado River Compact that relegates usage of the river’s waters is 90 years old and is still the basis of law for most other river sharing agreements?

Water management is one of the obvious areas where Federal oversight is mandatory.  It is a limited resource and doesn’t care about arbitrary borders.  This is basic government.  If you don’t understand this, you shouldn’t be in government.  I’m talking about you, Ron and Rand Paul!