Movie Review: Pacific Rim

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Jean-Paul’s rating: 1/5 stars or 4/5 stars

This is the greatest one star movie you will ever see.

“Pacific Rim” is magnificently horrible.  You should know what you’re getting into if the premise of the movie is giant monsters from another dimension are invading Earth and Earthlings band together to create giant robots to counter said interdimesnsional monsters.  But just in case you don’t, high art, this is not.

That really is all you need to know about the movie.  It delivers a lot of Specterman vs. Godzilla action and fills in the rest of the movie with over the top acting, every trope known to man and a passable plot.

If you are not laughing at this movie, you are doing it wrong.  “Pacific Rim” was made to be MST3Ked (if you don’t know what that means, you are not my friend).  There were plenty of guffaws from theatergoers during the movie and it really is a shame that theater etiquette dictates that you don’t talk during the show because it could have made the movie even better hearing people’s reactions to it.

I have heard that the 3D for this movie is quite good.  I can not imagine that to be true considering one of my major complaints about the 2D version was how dark some of the scenes were.  Since 3D glasses cause noticeable dimming, I can only imagine that those dark scenes are rendered almost black as a result.

Oh, and if you want even more laughs, be sure to read user reviews from your favorite movie website.  There seems to be a very large portion of the population that thinks “Pacific Rim” is a masterpiece of movie making on par with “Casablanca” and “Ben-Hur”.  I kid you not.

2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Pacific Rim

  1. Steven Scott

    Its not Casablanca or Ben-Hur, but I thought it was awesome. It’s like the Transformers movie, only without insipid teenage angst, sexy but vapid “female” characters, sophomoronic humor, and fights that were impossible to follow.

    You could also say that it was like the Man of Steel movie…only with underdogs worth rooting for and without over-the-top religious messaging. Oh yeah, this movie also had a cinematographer who remembered there were more than 4 colors the human eye can register.

    I don’t think this movie should win Academy Awards (well, except for production side things since the effects were pretty well done. I didn’t watch 3d either) but compared to other such recent films like Fast Six, White House Down, After Earth, GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra, and so on…this movie is pretty damn good.

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