How Dangerous Is It Where You Live?

Check out these 4 maps of natural disasters.  Fires, tornadoes, earthquakes, and hurricanes.  (Oh my!)

My favorite is the map of the earthquakes.  You can see quite clearly where the tectonic plates meet.  It is amazing how far the continents have traveled from the plates and yet the shape of the continents still fits the lines of the tectonic plates.  Look at how active Europe is and how quiet Africa is.  I have to presume that is more because of the number of seismographs located in Europe than the dearth of earthquakes in Africa.

I think one of the greatest benefits of the Internet is the ability it gives to us not only to create great visualizations like in the above linked maps but to be able to share those visualizations with a huge audience.  These visualizations allow people the chance to see the world around them in different ways.  Ways that wouldn’t even have been thought of prior to the Internet.