Europe Is Underwater

There is some massive flooding in Central Europe.  Some areas of Austria got as much rain in two days as they normally get in two and a half months.  There are 100 year floods in many areas, some of which had a 100 year flood back in 2002.  100 years ain’t what it used to be.  The Danube River is higher than it has been in over 500 years.

Once again, we have an abnormal jet stream pattern to blame.  Cold air from the north follows the jet stream down to meet the warm Mediterenan air from the south and lots of rain results along the edges of the jet stream.  How much rain?  Some places got up to 9.8″!

Abnormal is quickly becoming the new normal.  100 year events are happening on an almost monthly basis at this point.  Still no action from Congress on climate change.