Movie Review: The Hangover 3

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Jean-Paul’s rating: 2/5 stars

No hangovers where had in the making of this movie.

I can’t believe they made a “Hangover” movie where there is zero drug induced hilarity.  In fact, I think the only use of drugs or alcohol that is even shown is in the opening scene where Alan is driving down the highway drinking a beer and towing a giraffe.  Oh, and I guess they drug some dogs too.

Speaking of which, almost all violent humor is done at the expense of animals.  What’s up with that?  One dead giraffe.  Two dead dogs.  I don’t know how many dead roosters.  And all of it really falls flat.  Maybe if they interspersed the violence against animals with some fun violence against humans.  Instead, it’s just the Wolfpack going from place to place and having things happen to them.  Did I mention that none of this is drug or alcohol related?

To top it all off, the premise of the movie is pretty weak.  Alan is a 40 year old baby and they stage an intervention for him.  I’m not sure what the intervention was for and where they were taking him.  He bought and accidentally killed a giraffe, he didn’t go on some binge.  So the Wolfpack takes a roadtrip to get Alan to rehab.

They are, of course, kidnapped by a man named Marshall who we find out is the drug kingpin barely mentioned in the first movie.  Marshall wants them to find Mr. Chow who stole a bunch of gold from him.  All the non-zany hijinks come from them finding Chow and getting the gold back.

I enjoyed the first two movies so this one was quite a bit of a letdown.  I’d recommend re-watching the first two movies in lieu of watching the third.

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    1. Jean-Paul Post author

      It was good for what it was. That’s not saying much, but it delivered on what you’d expect from a movie like that.

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