Wielding A +5 Sword Of Stupid

(h/t Scott Lemieux)

The Virginia Republican party sure has a knack for trying to appeal to the least common denominator.  First, they nominate Ken “The Cooch” Cuccinelli as their candidate for Governor.  This kind of makes sense given the direction the Republican party has been going.  Cuccinelli is a Tea Partier’s Tea Partier.  He spouts a whole bunch of nonsense and, unlike most politicians, he seems to believe the nonsense he spouts.  Maybe he’s just a good actor, though.

Now, Virginia Republicans have put chosen their Lieutenant Governor nominee to be on the ticket with Ken Cuccinelli and who is it?  A man named E. W. Jackson.  From the article, here are some of E. W. Jackson’s greatest hits:

He has said gays and lesbians are “very sick people, psychologically and emotionally” whose minds are perverted. He has also said homosexuality “poisons culture, it destroys families, it destroys societies”
He called alleged Democratic Party ties to Planned Parenthood “more lethal to black lives than the KKK ever was” and thinks blacks who join the Democratic Party are voluntarily selling themselves into slavery.
He has equated Islam with anti-semitism, and criticized President Obama forhaving “Muslim sensibilities,”
He led an “Exodus Now!” movement encouraging African Americans to leave the Democratic party because opposition to same-sex marriage and government endorsement of religion means “Democrats are engaged in a concerted effort to do away with all symbols of our Judeo-Christian culture.”
He rallied against hate crimes legislation as a “virulent strain of Anti-Christian bigotry and hatred.”

I was a little worried that Ken Cuccinelli would actually have a chance at winning in Virginia.  With the addition of E. W. Jackson to the ticket, I have to wonder if the Virginia Republican party doesn’t secretly hate Ken Cuccinelli and is actively trying to sabotage his candidacy.  Or maybe they’re acting out some sort of Machiavellian play nominating a crazy person and a bat-shit-crazy person to make the crazy person not look so bad.  This would give Republicans a chance to pat themselves on the back by voting for Cuccinelli for Governor and the Democrat for Lieutenant Governor.  “Look at how bipartisan I am!”  I guess time will tell.