Ken Cuccinelli Is A Very Bad Man

For those of you who don’t know who Ken Cuccinelli is, he is the current Attorney General of the state of Virginia.  He is also currently running for Governor of said state.  You will not find a more laughably socially retrograde individual running for a major state office that actually has a chance of winning.

How socially retrograde is Ken Cuccinelli?  He is fighting to keep Virginia’s anti-sodomy laws on the books.  Anti-sodomy laws were ruled unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2003’s Lawrence v. Texas ruling.  Despite that, Ken “lick a penis, go to jail” Cuccinelli fights on.

Anti-sodomy laws are notoriously just anti-gay laws or anti-prostitution laws.  Sure, in theory, they apply to both sexes, but in practice, they have rarely been used to prosecute married couples.  Because almost every married couple would be in jail otherwise.  Except, I’m sure, Ken Cuccinelli.  (Who, by the way, and I am totally not making this up goes by the nickname the Cooch.  Thought I’m sure he’d spell it different.)

Ken “only one God sanctioned hole for that to go” Cuccinelli’s anti-sodomy stance is just the tip of the crazy iceberg, though.  He’s also gone on a crusade against climate scientist Michael Mann and many others at the University of Virginia, demanding all of their e-mails in an obvious attempt to dig up dirt on the scientists.  All this despite the fact that Michael Mann’s data and conclusions had already been proven multiple times to have been honestly come by.

On top of that, he’s pretty boilerplate far Right Republican.  Life begins at conception.  Abstinence-only sex education.  Immigrants bad.  Homosexuality bad.  Taxes bad.  Guns good.  He even flirted with birtherism for a while.  And, proving that even a stopped clock is right twice a day, he’s very anti-eminent domain when government takes property and then gives it over to private businesses.

The beautiful (or horrible, depending on how things turn out) thing about Ken Cuccinelli’s run for governor is that it’s going to be the only real race that anyone’s going to be watching in this off year election.  That means all the Cuccinelli crazy will be front and center for the whole country to see.  He will be the man that Republicans put front and center at a time when they’re desperately trying to change their image.  Good luck with that.