An Actual Genuine Fillibuster

God help me, I agree with Rand Paul.  Yesterday, he actually got up to speak for hours against John Brennan’s nomination as CIA head.  His focus was targeted drone strikes which the Obama administration has claimed unlimited authority to do.  I have nothing against John Brennan, but kudos to Rand Paul for actually getting up and doing something about this.  Targeted drone strikes against American citizens is a crime against the Constitution.

I guess I should say I only partly agree with Rand Paul.  He seems to only be worried about the targeted killing of Americans on American soil and doesn’t seem to care at all about targeting them in other countries.  As if your rights as a citizen disappear because you cross a border.  This leads me to believe that he really doesn’t actually care about the targeted drone strikes and that he’s just making political hay out of an incredibly important issue.

I’m glad someone’s taking about this issue, but grow some balls, Rand Paul.  Targeted killings of Americans is either wrong or it isn’t.  It depends not on where the American happens to be standing.

3 thoughts on “An Actual Genuine Fillibuster

  1. Jaime

    The use of the term Enemy combatant to justify anything and everything from Guantanamo, water boarding and now targeted drone strikes. If these aircraft were manned, could these attacks still be justified? Blowing up civilians (bad guys yes but civilians none the less) without trial is just wrong. Technically aerent we behaving like terrorist now? i find it so hypocritical that we are commiting atrocities that we would go to war for , if a foreign power committed on our soil.

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