Commutageddon Downgrade

The National Transportation Service (me) has downgraded the upcoming Wells St. bridge replacement project, dubbed Commutageddon by the media (also me), from a Category 5 event to a Category 2 event.  Purple Line trains will still not be running past Howard for the next week.  During rush periods, some Brown Line trains will travel as far as Merchandise Mart, while others will follow the Red Line after Fullerton and take the Subway to Roosevelt and turn back north from there.  Brown Line trains going the Red Line route will show the red Roosevelt sign in their windows.

A CTA spokesman was reached to help explain the changes.  Here is what he had to say: “So we ffljfwefsvoiregjl and jflsfiwgj;rl to the fsl;jf;gjld Brown Line fsjlkjs;gdj ;slcjmggs sc;ljgmj;f but the total ;jasvl;gmjlgdc hgvem;glcs cnhgkmge;w ;jbjm;rwjvle Thank you.”

There will be fewer Brown Line trains so expect a crowded commute regardless, but it’s good to know that there is a loop alternative for the train during the rush periods.  As always, the place to get real information on the CTA happenings is the CTA Tattler.