Hurricane Sandy: Take Two

The extremely strange weather continues.  There is an extratropical storm rapidly gaining strength in the Northern Atlantic.  This storm is associated with a low pressure system that is normally only found in category four hurricanes.  Luckily, this storm is not predicted to hit land before it falls apart so the only ones in danger are ships.  That doesn’t mean that it hasn’t affected land, though.  It has dumped 6″ of snow in Maryland.  Small potatoes compared to the feet of snow that the recent record breaking Great Lakes cold snap has generated.

Very few extratropical storms have ever been recorded with as low a pressure as this one.  We can expect more of events like this as the planet continues to warm.  We are like ostriches with our head in the sand.  If ostriches actually stuck their heads in the sand.  Which they don’t.  Which, I guess, is strangely appropriate for climate change.  There are lots of people that believe ostriches do stick their heads in the sand even though a little research would prove otherwise and there are lots of people that believe climate change isn’t real even though a little research would also prove otherwise.