Stay Classy, Virginia

Say you’re a Virginia state representative.  Say you are a veteran of the civil rights movement.  Say the first black President of the United States is being inaugurated to begin his second term.  Say said inauguration happens to fall on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  Say you get an invitation to said inauguration.  Say, though, that your government is still in session.  Do you go?  Of course you do!

Say you’re the Virginia Republican party.  Say that a Virginia state representative has left the state to attend the second inauguration of the first black President of the United States.  Say that this event gives you the power to pass any legislation you damn well please.  Say that you really want to gerrymander political boundaries to make it much easier for Republicans to get elected.  Do you bring that bill up for a vote in said representative’s absence?  Of course you do!  Because you are dicks.

But you are no ordinary dicks.  Your dickishness can only be described as otherworldly.  So what else do you do?  On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, when a veteran of the civil rights movement is away, you adjourn your day by honoring Confederate General Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson.

South Carolina politely claps.

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