Well, It’s Not The Apocalypse…

But it could mean the end of John Boehner’s Speaker gig.  That is, it would normally mean the end of Boehner’s rein as Speaker if the House Republicans weren’t so crazy.  How crazy are they?  This crazy.

Boehner brings up for a vote a proposal that keeps taxes at the levels they are now for anyone making under one million dollars a year; 99% of the population.  Then he quickly has to pull it back because he doesn’t have enough support in his own party to pass it.

House Republicans basically rejected a proposal to keep taxes exactly the same on 321 million Americans.  What’s laughable about this is it was really more of a symbolic vote more than anything serious.  The proposal had a zero percent chance of passing the Senate.  This was Boehner’s gambit to say to America, “See? Look how we’re attempting to work with Democrats and how unreasonable they’re being!”  And it failed miserably.

In any other political system in the world, this would mean the end of Boehner’s leadership position.  Republicans, however, will probably stick with him, though, because no one else is stupid enough to take the post.  There will eventually be a bill that contains tax increases for high income families.  That bill will pass.  No one wants to be Speaker when that happens.

Not that I consider myself an expert on political processes or internal party dynamics, but I pay attention much more than your average human and this stuff is absolutely crazy.  We have had the Republican leaders in both the House and the Senate trying maneuvers to make Democrats look bad and both have failed miserably.  One by his own misreading of the situation and the other by his own party.

There is only one word to describe the Republican party right now and that is shambles.  That’s normally a word used exclusively for Democrats.  Let’s see if the Democrats can take advantage of it.

One thought on “Well, It’s Not The Apocalypse…

  1. Eric S

    The more I think about this crazier and crazier scenarios keep popping into my head.

    Boehner should absolutely be TOAST at this point. Yesterday’s vote, or lack of vote really, is the equivalent to a No Confidence vote. Still, no sane GOP rep would take the job at this point. But yesterday they just proved that a whole lot of them are not sane. Maybe Cantor or Ryan do step up and oppose Boehner.

    Also, I’m beginning to wonder if the House GOP isn’t just going to drive the entire economy into the shitter. We don’t necessarily need to stop the sequester before Jan 1. If the GOP refuses to do anything that isn’t 100% of what they want then letting it go all of next year is a real problem.

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