The Unhinged Ramblings Of A Syphilitic Mind

Imagine there was a mass shooting in which scores of 6 and 7 year olds were killed.  Imagine the country reeling from such a tragedy and coming to terms with what it all means.  Imagine grasping for answers to try to prevent such a tragedy from occurring in the future.

What solutions would you come up with?  Would you want to ban assault weapons?  Would you want to improve our mental health capabilities?  Would you suggest that 6 year olds should all run and hug any mass murder assailant that happens to walk into school?

Wait, what was that last one again?  Yes, Megan McArdle is back to bring her special brand of stupid.  She wants to train children to charge at the assailants instead of hiding.  Think of how many less children would have died if they all ran straight at him instead of him having to actually seek them out!

That would be a great premise for a horror movie, though.  A bunch of six year olds who hug their victims to death!  Kind of Village of the Damned meets Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

If you ever use Megan McArdle to support your argument, you lose.  She’s like a stopped clock that happens to be right twice a day.

4 thoughts on “The Unhinged Ramblings Of A Syphilitic Mind

    1. Jean-Paul Post author

      1) I don’t know. I can at least see a somewhat sane person suggesting it as a solution even though it is incredibly impractical.
      2) That is AWESOME! I can take 20 five year olds in a fight.

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