Won’t the real Mitt Romney please stand up?

If I had any creative talent whatsoever, I would write a parody song about Mitt Romney set to Eminem’s song “The Real Slim Shady”.  And boy, would it be awful.  In my decade or so of following politics, I have never seen a politician who tried to be all things to all people as much as Mitt Romney has.  To call Mr. Romney a panderer would be insulting to panderers everywhere.  Like almost everything Republicans do these days, he takes it to its own different plane of pandering.  At least with most pandering politicians, you can usually get a decent feel for what they actually believe.  As a prominent Romney operative said in the best gaffe of the election (which is when a politician accidentally tells the truth), Romney etch-a-sketches his beliefs so often there is no center to grab hold of.

The beauty of this strategy is that supporters can just say, “But both sides do it!”  And of course, they’d be right.  Because Barack Obama once talked all black-like to a black audience.  This is the equivalent of me throwing a rock at you and you emptying a clip into me and then arguing that what I did is just as bad as what you did.  There are levels of wrong and while I wish one party would just not do wrong, I’m certainly not going to support a party that raises the wrongness stakes and then pleads false-equivalence.