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A Pretty Cool Idiom

I was on the train this morning and this lady and two of her friends come in.  They are having a conversation, about what I’m not sure.  I am not actively listening to them, but I overheard an expression that I don’t think I’ve ever heard before.  The lady said to the others, “My momma’s leaving on Monday and that’s just down the street from Wednesday so I don’t know why she don’t just stay.”

How cool is that?  Now, I’ve heard “round the corner” used in a similar context to reference time, but “down the street” seems so much more genuine.  I tried looking up origins of the idiom to maybe see if it’s a geographic thing like “catty-corner” vs. “kitty-corner”, but my Google-Fu has failed me.  Alas.  If you hear me using “down the street” a lot more, this is why.

Sentences I Wish I Had A Use For

If you’re like me, first off I’m sorry; second, you have sentences that come to you that are just perfect but you have no particular use for.  If you’re not a writer, they are quickly forgotten.  I imagine writers have notebooks full of random sentences just waiting for a home in a story.  If you’re a blogger, they go onto your blog.  I present to you my first (of I hope many) sentence I wish I had a use for:

He was the kind of guy that could quote Leviticus while eating shellfish.