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Twas The Night Before The Trump Presidency

Twas the night before the Trump presidency and all through the States
People were sitting and fretting and rewatching debates.
“She’s smoother, more polished, what a president should be”,
They said as they worried what a Trump presidency would be.
“Whatever shall we do for the next four or eight years?”
The thought of two terms brought them all close to tears.

Obamacare is almost certainly dead on arrival.
Millions of people back to scrimping and saving for survival.
And then all the Dreamers who may soon be deported.
People making their minds based on news that’s distorted.
Women reverted to abortions in back alleys.
Hundreds of coffins draped with lilies of the valley.

Meanwhile, Trump stacked his cabinet with some horribles.
Clinton was right! This was a basket of deplorables!
People who believe the solution to our crisis
Is to gather up our troops and go after ISIS.
And not only ISIS, but all of Islam.
From a person who can’t tell Iman from an Imam.

“The science is not in, climate change is not real”,
Trump said as he looked around for what he could steal.
“This time we will win! Our enemies grow stronger by the hour!”,
he screamed as he placed all his children into power.
“No conflict of interest”, he said with a Tweet.
While around him, business interests were kissing his feet.

Suddenly, what’s that? A knocking at my door?
I open ‘er up and I’m pushed to the floor.
“You’re coming with us”, said the men in the suits.
Though at the time, all I saw was the soles of their boots.
“What is it I’ve done? I’m innocent, I swear!”
“Justice will be meted out by the man with the hair!”

“This poem is pathetic, it’s useless, it’s sad!”,
Trump said to this author, “You’ve really been quite bad!”
“Can’t you see what I’m doing? I’ll make America great!”
“And all I get is mocking and laughing, derision and hate.”
“You leave me no choice, I’ll tweet this poem a FAIL!”
He motions to his guards and they cart me to jail.

Happy Limerick Day!

Today is Limerick Day

For it is the 12th of May

So I’ll write you this ditty

Though I’ll admit it’s quite shitty

And now it is over.  Hurray!

Poetry: Ode To Cooking Army

Whole wheat flour sucks
Always pre-cook your veggies
Oil makes things better

Poetry: Ode To Winter

Bitter cold is here
Moisture is sucked from the air
Nose bleeds run rampant

The Platinum Coin Vortex Continues

As I spend the day reading about all the foofaraw surrounding the possibility of minting a $1 trillion platinum coin, there are certain things that I don’t expect to see.  High atop that list would be a limerick homage to the platinum coin.  That is just one of many poems on a blog that is dedicated to mixing the dismal art of economics with poetry.  Limericks Économiques, making economics just a little more tolerable.