This Is Not Normal: Day 11

Holy crap, is it only day 11?  Let’s make fun of our Press Secretary, shall we?

Ah, Sean Spicer, I feel for you, I really do.  When you’re not retweeting Onion articles without understanding that you’re being made fun of, you’re not once but twice accidentally tweeting your password to the world.  The Trump administration probably doesn’t have a person under the age of 30 working for them so why don’t you just go ahead and delete your account.

Ok, back to serious stuff.  First, something I missed.  One of Donald Trump’s first actions in office the day he was inaugurated was to declare that day a national day of patriotism.  If that isn’t a sure sign of a malignant narcissist, I don’t know what is.

The biggest news is, of course, Trump’s Muslim ban which I covered in great detail.  Already, there are reports of people being stopped by police and mosques being burned.  This is unlawful, but still a direct result of this monstrously wrongheaded ban and will only continue to grow in practice.  We are still looked on as leaders of the free world and our actions have consequences elsewhere, like the recent mosque shooting in Quebec City.  Oh, and let’s not forget that actions like this are exactly how the people who want to do us harm want us to react.  We’ve given them the best recruiting tool they could ask for.

The news that they don’t want you to see is that Trump has completely dismantled the National Security Council.  It normally consists of people in government who know something about national security, you know, like people currently in the various branches of the armed forces and such.  Well right now, those people are right out.  In is white nationalist Steve Bannon, a man who called our national press “the opposition party” and said that the press should “keep its mouth shut.”  To recap, a man who has all but declared war on the press is not only one of Donald Trump’s most trusted advisors, but now sits on the very council that gets to make decisions like who to spy on.  And what happens when the press does not keep its mouth shut?

Then there’s just the weird.  Like Trump’s Holocaust Remembrance Day proclamation not mentioning Jews at all.  Keep in mind, this was the same day that Trump announced his Muslim ban.  But don’t worry, Christians, you’re his priority.  And Uber really stepped in it this weekend.  Not only has its CEO defended his relationship with Trump, but during the weekend, there was a taxi strike at airports across the country as they showed their solidarity with other protesters against Trump’s Muslim ban and Uber continued to pick up passengers during that time.  Rival, Lyft, in the meantime was donating $1 million to the ACLU.  People everywhere are deleting their Uber account, including me.