Ignore Me At Your Own Peril!

Two years ago, after Obama’s election to his second term, I decided to make some predictions about how his second term would go.  With the midterm elections now behind us, it seems like a good time to review how well my prognostication skills held up.

  • Jumping off the fiscal cliff – Nailed it.  Really, a no-brainer given the political climate at the time.
  • Grand Bargain budget – Meh, I’ll give myself partial credit for this one.  It’s mostly been continuing resolution after continuing resolution, but Obama did get a lot of the stuff he set out to get.  There’s still time for this one to come true, but I predicted it for 2013.
  • Immigration reform – This one has yet to come true, but I actually predicted that it wouldn’t come true until after the midterms.  I have confidence that it still will happen.
  • Status quo midterm elections – Again, I’ll give myself partial credit.  Republicans picked up more House seats that I expected, but I was right with the Senate.  The makeup doesn’t really change anything from the last two years though.
  • Economy markedly improve – Two years to go and we’re already there.  This is the unsung hero of Obama’s second term so far.  Never has the economy grown so much and the sitting President not garnered rave reviews for it.
  • Housing industry grows quickly – This has already happened too.  So much so that people are saying we may be in another housing bubble.  That’s nonsense, though.  Despite the growth, we’re still not keeping up with housing needs.
  • Stellar stock market – The Dow started around 13,000 for Obama’s second term, it’s now past 17,000.  A 30%+ increase?  Yep, that’s stellar.
  • Obamacare fully implemented – We’re just waiting on the small business requirement which is gearing up right now.  People loves them some Obamacare…as long as it’s not called Obamacare.

That’s some Nostradamus-level prediction ability right there.  If people would only listen to me, all our world’s problems would be solved.  But I’m like Cassandra over here.  Or maybe Rodney Dangerfield.

One thought on “Ignore Me At Your Own Peril!

  1. Robert Girod

    I predict that the Obama Presidency will end with the biggest financial market
    crash in history simply because he didn’t do anything to prevent it.

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