It’s Quiet Around Here…A Little Too Quiet

Well, Lindy has been shipped off to my (favorite) aunt’s place and I leave for Grand Cayman tomorrow!  It’s strange being in the house without a cat.  She should be plunked down right in front of my keyboard as I am typing this.  It does give me the opportunity to give the house a good, thorough de-furring. With the weather changing, Lindy has gone from shedding handfuls to shedding barrelfulls.  And by perverse cat logic, she dislikes getting combed more when she’s shedding lots.

I fear my poor aunt doesn’t know what she’s in for.  She’s a cat addict, but swore off getting another cat after her last cat passed.  Lindy is a gateway cat.  To a normal person, Lindy will induce strong cravings for another hit of cat, but to a cat addict, Lindy’s like a shot of heroin.  When I left my aunt in Lindy’s evil clutches, Lindy had already scoped out all of her new domain and rubbed her face on it all.  It will be interesting to see if my aunt’s sanity is still in tact after a week with the fiendish furball.