I Dream Of Exes

For reasons that I will probably never know, I remember dreams in bursts.  Meaning I will go weeks without remembering my dreams and then many days in a row I will remember them.  I wonder why this is…

In last nights dream, I was over at an ex-girlfriend’s house for some reason.  I think maybe to babysit.  She lived in this large boarding house with her husband and two kids and they rented out the rooms to people though the house was empty besides us.  I go into the living room and say hello to her and her kids and we start talking.  I ask where her husband is and she says he’s at work.  She then moves in to kiss me and I stop her and ask her what she’s doing.  She responds, “What we always do.” and then kisses me.  Yadda-yadda.  Better than the lobster bisque.

But then the dream continues which is very strange.  We take the kids out to keep them entertained.  I don’t recall where.  All I remember is her having a chauffeur and us drinking red wine the entire time.  We eventually get back to the house and we are walking up the path leading to the house, wine glasses in hand, and I notice that my clothes are all stained from the wine.  I look back and the entire path has splotches of spilled wine on it.

Then some time had passed and she realizes her eldest kid is not present and she starts to panic and begins searching the house in a frenzy while I watch the younger one.  She eventually finds her wayward child in one of the rooms that they rent.  The kid had done a bit of redecorating apparently because she came back with a bunch of tools and the child in tow and exclaims, “Now we won’t be able to rent out that room for a while!”  Then I wake up.