The Day After A Party Is The Most Unhealthy Of All

Any successful party is sure to have lots of leftovers, some of which are bound to be perishable.  You have your chips and dips which no longer have a container.  There’s usually cakes and crackers left sitting out.  Salads and fruits that won’t last long.  All of them need to be eaten.  The day after.

So let it be known that on January 1st, 2014, I ate the following: 10 deviled eggs, half a bag of pita chips along with some sort of cheeze sauce, 4 slices of pretty disgusting cold pizza, a handful of pistachios, a slice of really stale cake before I threw the rest away, some mixed vegetables and their accompanying dip, 6 peppermint cremes, lots of pretzels, and more cookies than I can count.

Also, there were a couple of wee ones at the party near the beginning and an hour in, you’d swear that an all night rave had just occurred.  I should start a new tumblr, awesome party or 4 year olds, where people have to guess which was responsible for the mess left behind.