Mrs. Landingham, What’s Next?

I just finished watching “Angel”.  Anyone who says it is better than “Buffy” likes to kill people with dead puppies and comes from questionable parentage.

“Angel” was mildly entertaining at times but much of it was fairly directionless.  It was very obvious which episodes had Joss Whedon’s writing behind it because those were usually of much better quality.  The biggest problem, I think, was the real lack of strong female characters like they had in “Buffy”.  Things just always sort of happened to the females and that’s a shame.  Giving Amy Acker a strong persona when she changes from Fred to Illyria near the end of the series shows just how wrong they went.  Here they have an incredibly talented actor and they make here a folksy love interest of all of the male leads who does the “I’m just a girl” thing way too often.  When given the chance to flex her kick ass side she really shines.  But then the series was cancelled and needed to be wrapped up quickly.  Despite being a fast wrap up, it was very satisfying.

So now I need to find another series to watch.  What should it be folks?  The only prerequisite is that it must be on Netflix.  Someone was recommending something to me not too long ago but I have since forgotten.  It’s too bad “Justified” isn’t on Netflix because I hear that’s pretty good.

6 thoughts on “Mrs. Landingham, What’s Next?

  1. Matt Bernhardt

    Justified is fan-tastic. I hear it’s on Amazon instant if you have Prime.

    As far as full shows on Netflix, hmm. I feel like I should be an expert on this.

    “Friday Night Lights” was really good.

    If you want more of a one-season thing, “Terriers” doesn’t end totally cleanly but gives just enough closure.

    For comedies, I liked the IFC/BBC show “The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret”

    Or just watch the Animated 90s X-Men series.

  2. Kay Markert

    Warning: This is all BBC recommendations because, other than sports, that’s all I watch lately.

    British edition of Top Gear is hilarious. You don’t have to like cars to enjoy three middle aged men doing utterly idiotic modifications/’quests’ in said cars, all the while saying truly horrible things in nifty british accents.

    Sherlock is also AMAZING. The actors are wonderful and the stories they choose to present are excellent modern adaptations. Tops!

    And then there’s Hyperdrive. Thing “The Office” meets Star Trek (the original series) only with Nick Frost as Kirk. The man is, I promise, just as funny without Simon Pegg.

    1. Jean-Paul Post author

      Huh,I’ve always avoided Top Gear because it’s about cars. Maybe I’ll give it a shot.

      “Sherlock” is indeed fantastic. I sing its praises often.

      “Hyperdrive” sounds like a winner. Definitely going to have to watch that one.

  3. Jaime

    The fact that a car to you is just something you get into, Turn a key and takes you from point X to Point Y, most of Top Gear’s humour (see what I did there) will likely go over your head.

    When Its not putting out G grade movies like Sharknado, SyFy has several shows that have been entertaining (Not neccesarily Fantastic) like Being Human, Lost Girl, Continuum, and Haven. Also Eureka and Warehouse 13 were fun to watch. If your looking for something to add to your DVR Queue, the new Series Helix starts in January.

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