Conversations With Mom

My brother and I were at Mom’s the other day and we were talking about the “Hunger Games” movie that is coming out soon and trying to decide if we were going to see it or not.  We were rehashing the first “Hunger Games” move and both thought that it was an ok movie with nothing except the occasional stunning visual to show for it.  We decided to see the second movie only if nothing else was showing at the time.

Mom cuts into the conversation at this point and states, “I just saw the ‘Hunger Games’ movie this past week and I didn’t like it at all.”, giving her universally known face of disappointment.  My brother and I were both surprised at this because it was far from a bad movie even if there was nothing outstanding about.  We begin to inquire as to what exactly she didn’t like about it when she realizes, “Oh, wait, I saw ‘The Crying Game’ this week, not ‘Hunger Games’.”

We all have a great laugh as I quip, “You can tell the difference because ‘Hunger Games’ has 100% fewer penises than ‘The Crying Game’ does.”