Adventures In Obamacare 6: HealthSherpa To The Rescue!

The biggest problem about is that it is nigh impossible to get to the point where you can actually look at plans and how much they cost.  A trio of young geniuses decided to take it upon themselves to fix this.  The result is  All you need to do is enter in your zip code and age and smoking status of each person to be covered and you are presented with a list of all of the plans available in your area and their cost.  And you can do this for any zip code you want!  You can also enter in your salary and it will figure out your subsidy as well.  Pretty cool.

It is, admittedly, a bit limited, but you can do more on the site than on the government site. It would be nice if they were able to provide more information like deductibles and copays and such, but it’s a great start and it should give individuals a pretty good idea of the range of options available in their area.  This is something that has failed miserably at unless you were lucky enough to get through the cumbersome enrollment process.

Simple.  Efficient.  Robust.  *golf clap*

One thought on “Adventures In Obamacare 6: HealthSherpa To The Rescue!

  1. Emily Barney

    One point I’ve seen people bring up a few times is you do need to be careful to enter dollar sums without commas – perhaps they’ve fixed it now, but evidently you could get less accurate, more expensive results if you put commas into your totals.

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