Now I Want A Spongebob Squarepants Gravestone

I am in the minority that thinks Spongebob Squarepants is decidedly unfunny.  I am also in the minority that thinks burying bodies in a giant field filled with other bodies and markers identifying who the body was when it was alive is a decidedly silly idea.  Combine the two and it somehow seems to work.  It’s a shame that the cemetery changed their mind and decided to remove the gravestone.  It’s good to see that they seem to have acknowledged their mistake and are paying for replacements.

So let it be known that if I can get a Spongebob headstone, I give my full permission to bury my body underneath said headstone in a cemetery somewhere.  If not, I want my family to completely disavow any knowledge of me and let the State do whatever it wants with my remains (donated to science!).  They should then throw a giant party inviting all who know me.  There should be lots of food and even more drink.  New relations should be forged and old rivalries forgotten.  As many hookups as normally happen at weddings should also occur.  In short, it should be a grand celebration of life instead of a doleful mourning of death.