Calculate How Much Obamacare Will Cost You

The Kaiser Family Foundation has a fairly decent calculator to help you figure out how much your health insurance will cost you if you need to sign up under an Obamacare plan (which most of you will not have to do).  Most states are completely flubbing getting information out to the public prior to the implementation of the signup tomorrow.  It’s good that someone was able to collect everything and put it in one place.  For instance, just try finding out any information about the Illinois plan.  Sheesh.

The costs shown in the calculator are for the Silver plan and plugging myself in for various states seem to indicate that health insurance is going to be pretty affordable for those that don’t get a subsidy.  $211/month for where I live.  $270/month for the national average.  This is comparable to what I pay now with a $5,000 deductible and fairly comprehensive coverage, but it’s hard to compare the two since items like that are not included in the calculator.

T minus one day till the exchanges open.  Things are about to get interesting.