Google Voice Is Hilarious

Those of you who use Google Voice for your voicemail system know that much hilarity can ensue when comparing the voice message to the Google voice-to-text message.  I have never seen one quite as bad as this though.  A colleague from work called me last night while I was on the phone trying to resolve a work problem so I missed the call.  This colleague is of Indian descent and has a medium Indian accent.  His accent takes some getting used to, but it is perfectly intelligible.  Unless you’re Google Voice apparently.  Check out this verbal vomit and see if you can guess what the message is about:

Bye. Hey J. P Agreement that I love you. I do see that you’re okay. I just received a call. I think it Love You do need a job names. Although I’m not very much. I was not showing up, but I thought he said something about. I haven’t had a lot. So, I think maybe we could not get the file from the clean the icon, system messages 5 so I don’t know the I don’t know what the contact is bad and stuff like that. Daniel Pick a quick look at it and let me know if you need anything else but we did lower work and I think I’m going back home from work right now. I should be at all, and of FedEx played he put it on the small. I just. I don’t have the train so if you could use. I don’t hear back from you, but I’m not as I have a lot and then see what I can book work alright. Thanks. Bye.


3 thoughts on “Google Voice Is Hilarious

  1. kitchentourist

    Heeh. Almost as good as the spam comments that have gone through synonym filters a few too many times. Those use “Love You” on purpose, that’s my main reason for ranking them higher.

    1. Jean-Paul Post author

      That’s actually what this reminded me of. Maybe spam comments aren’t going through a synonym filter. Maybe they are real comments and they’re just using Google Voice.

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