You Know, I’ve Never Won The Lottery Before

I’m just throwing that out there because I was commenting to a friend last Friday about how there doesn’t seem to be any mosquitoes around this year and that I hadn’t been bitten even once.  That all changed on Saturday.  With a vengeance.  I believe I have a mosquito bite on every tender spot of my anatomy.  Ankle?  Check.  Knee?  Check.  Finger?  Check.  Even worse, the one on my ankle is at exactly the right height to be irritated by my shoe every time I move my foot.  You win this round, mosquitoes!

The weird thing is they are these tiny round red bites.  I don’t remember mosquito bites being this small.  Maybe mosquitoes are more immature than usual this year.  And by immature, I mean “Hey Joe, I dare you to bite that human on his ankle so that when he walks the bite gets irritated by his shoe!” immature.

2 thoughts on “You Know, I’ve Never Won The Lottery Before

  1. Eric S.

    Did you see the mosquitoes that bit you? I ask because if they don’t look like mosquito bites maybe they are something else.

    1. Jean-Paul Post author

      I did not. I assume they were mosquitoes because what else bites you at dusk during the summer? Another weird thing is it took them over 24 hours to start itching.

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