Wait, What? Moon Water?

That was my reaction to this news.  Mind blown.  I’ve always thought of the Moon as a lifeless ball of potentially valuable minerals.  Time to reprogram some neurons.

Bearing the incredibly cool name magmatic water, which is just a fancy name for water that bubbled up from the depths of the Moon, scientists have discovered water on the surface of the moon!  If it’s detectable on the surface, there’s no telling how much water is still in the depths.  Imagine what a large water discovery would mean to colonization.  One of the biggest roadblocks to colonizing any foreign satellite is the prohibitively expensive costs of transporting water to the colony.  Even transporting water as close as the Moon would be a huge cost undertaking.  Maybe now it won’t be.

Please let there be large amounts of water on the Moon!  Oh please, oh please, oh please!  I want my underground Moon lair and I want it now!