Oh, The Fun We’ll Have!

The 2016 Presidential race has already started.  Which, by the way, really?  Ugh.  And the first bit of fun is already upon us!

Tea Party favorite, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), has been looking to follow the Barack Obama plan of joining the Senate for one term and then jumping straight to the Presidency.  Well, things are probably starting a little more closely to President Obama’s path than Ted Cruz would have liked this week.  It was revealed that Ted Cruz was born in Canada and therefore not real U.S. citizen.  Well, according to Tea Party standards anyway.  Ted Cruz actually has dual citizenship because of being born in Canada.  This is funny in and of itself because of the birther nonsense that surrounded Barack Obama, but leave it to Ted Cruz to make it even more hilarious.  Seeing this Canadian citizenship as a stain on his good name and eliminating his chances of winning the Presidency given the crazies that would actually vote for him, Ted Cruz has decided to renounce his Canadian citizenship.  Canada thanked him.