The First Rule Of Obamacare Is You Don’t Talk About Obamacare

I am sure that if I looked back in history, I would find a political party that did everything within their power to make a law they didn’t like fail miserably, but this is the first time in my memory that I have seen this.  Many Republican Congresscritters have decided to not answer even the most basic constituent questions about Obamacare.  Instead, they direct people to the White House or Health and Human Services.  It is a basic function of a Congressional office to answer constituent questions about laws, but some hate Obamacare so much they refuse to perform this service.  Even worse, states like Missouri have implemented a gag rule allowing State employees to be sued if they talk about Obamacare.  You would think that Tea Partiers in the state would be all over this gross infringement of First Amendment rights, but no.  Defeating Obamacare by any means necessary is more important than real unconstitutional activities.