Exactly How Racist Is America?

This racist.

Marc Anthony sang God Bless America at the baseball All Star game earlier this week.  What followed was a bunch of racist assholes complaining about having a Mexican singing God Bless America.  Here’s the thing.  Marc Anthony is an American citizen.  People just assumed that he wasn’t because of the color of his skin.  So they’re not just racist assholes, they’re clueless racist assholes. The saddest thing is some of them were called on the fact that Marc Anthony was American and some just doubled down and said that he didn’t look American.  That means he wasn’t white.

Anytime you hear anyone talking about Real America, you can be assured that they’re pining for the days when only white people had rights.  Real America is a dog whistle cry to all the racists out there.  And they respond to it in droves.

In other news, people still watch the All Star Game.  Who knew?

One thought on “Exactly How Racist Is America?

  1. Jaime

    Marc Anthony is Puerto Rican and born in New York City. Either way an American. Still way to brown for singing at a National event.

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