Google: Do No Evil. We Have Senators For That.

We all know that Google’s “Do No Evil” motto is laughable.  It is worth while to point out every so often how laughable it is.

Case in point: Google is hosting a fundraiser for prototypical out of touch old white man Senator James Inhofe (R-OK).  Inhofe is the perfect mix of corporate shill and misinformed misanthrope.  Why would Google raise money for such a cretin?  To buy votes, duh!  Inhofe is a big enemy of an open Internet.  Google has the most to gain from an open Internet.  In the grandest tradition of corporate shills everywhere, Inhofe’s vote can be bought.  And buy it Google shall!

There is an argument to be made that buying votes to codify net neutrality will enable a much greater good.  Net neutrality is a huge step in making sure that the Internet remains equally available to all people.  Google, however, is committing some evil in order to reach this goal though.  Perhaps they should change their motto to “Do Some Evil As Long As It’s To Accomplish A Worthy Goal As Long As That Worthy Goal Mostly Benefits Us”?  I think that has a much better ring to it and it also happens to be much close to the truth than their current motto.

One thought on “Google: Do No Evil. We Have Senators For That.

  1. Steven Scott

    You are horrible at making up motto’s….

    How about “The ends justify the means” or “In order to make an omelet, you have to break some eggs”? Maybe “You catch more flies with honey, but some flies just REALLY LOVE vinegar”?

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