Immigration, The Answer To All Of Our Problems!

Hyperbole!  But seriously, immigration reform is critically important to our continued status as a world power.  It is just as important as it always has been.

Unfortunately, one of our two political parties (Hint: It rhymes with Schmupublicans.) is dead set against any type of immigration reform bill that doesn’t make immigrants suffer.  Take Senator Jeff Session (R-AL) for example.  He is dead set against the reform that has been proffered by the most recent Gang Of Whatever.  So what does he do?  He gets the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) to score the bill and see what the economic impact would be.  I’m sure Senator Sessions fully expected the CBO to come back and say that all of those Brown people would cost the Real Amurican Taxpayers billions.  But what does the CBO actually say?  Only that the immigration reform bill will save our country $197B over ten years.

Facts, the enemy of Republicans for well nigh eternity.  Hyperbole!  But seriously, elected Republicans do seem to have great aversion to facts these days.