Obama Administration Defeated! (That’s A Good Thing)

It’s not often that the Obama administration does something stupid when it comes to women’s rights, but their decision to attempt to put a stay on the ruling by a Federal judge to allow Plan B access over the counter certainly qualifies.  I don’t understand their logic in fighting this.  I can only assume that it’s to gain cred with the Religious Right.  If that is the case, Obama’s like the unpopular guy who keeps doing things he thinks the popular crowd  will like in the hopes that he’ll get invited to their parties.  You’re not going to get invited to their parties, Mr. President.  Please stop trying.

The good news is that another Federal judge has denied the Obama administration’s attempt.  Plan B will soon be available over the counter to women of all ages.  Women are a step closer to actually being able to control what happens with their own bodies.  No babies steps.  Ha!