Game Of Thrones Schadenfreude

(Warning: Kind of Spoilery)

Yesterday was the Red Wedding episode on Game of Thrones.  It’s the episode that every person who has read the book has been looking forward to.  Well, at least it’s the episode that every person who has read the book has been looking forward to since Ned Stark got his head lopped off:

The Red Wedding is producing similar angst.  Check out twitter.  I love how everyone is saying that they’re going to quit watching the show. They’ll be back.  They always come back.

I remember reading the Red Wedding scene the first time and having a similar reaction.  Not that I wanted to quit reading after that but just the whole thing was really a punch in the gut.  It really is one of the best scenes in all of fantasy.  I knew it was coming in the show and it was still a punch in the gut.  Especially the multiple stabbing in the gut which was not in the book that I recall.

Oh, the callus evil of Roose Bolton.  I love how he actually teases Catelyn with what is about to come.  And Walder Frey.  It wasn’t really clear in the show, but the taking of food and salt upon entrance to a man’s home is sacred.  It means no harm will come of you as long as you are under their roof.  Your mortal enemy will not harm you if you partake of this ceremony at his gate.  Walder Frey betrayed that.  And he did it beautifully.

And the bloodshed has just begun…

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  1. Osutein

    The only thing that makes me feel okay after watching that is that soon enough there will be pie. Delicious, delicious meat pies…

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