Jesus Fan Fiction Is WAY Cooler Than The Bible

Want to bring people back to the church?  Release more things like this.  It’s a 1200 year old document that claims that Jesus could shapeshift.  That’s why Judas had to kiss Jesus.  Jesus could take any form he wanted.  If you think about it, this actually makes complete sense.  There weren’t wanted posters spread far and wide to catch criminals so identification would have to be done by witness.  There were also likely plenty of people claiming to be Jesus at the time, possibly with Jesus’ permission.  The best way to speak FOR someone is to speak AS someone.

This bit of fan fiction also claims that Jesus ate his last meal with Pilate and Pilate offered to crucify his son in Jesus’ place and that Jesus could turn invisible.  The invisibility along with the shapeshifting makes me almost convinced that Jesus played Dungeons and Dragons.

There are volumes of Jesus fan fiction out there.  Most are locked up in church vaults and will never see the light of day because a bunch of old white men got together in a room and put together a bunch of the many stories together and called it canon and named the stories the Bible and hid the rest from the world.  If they really want to make Jesus cool again, though, they’ll release more of the fan fiction stories.

2 thoughts on “Jesus Fan Fiction Is WAY Cooler Than The Bible

  1. Chris Studt

    Isn’t mormonism and the legend of John Smith with most of church of Latter Day Saints essentially all bible fan fiction? Some people just take it way more seriously than others.

    1. Jean-Paul Post author

      I consider Mormonism another universe altogether. Kind of like DC Comics and Marvel.

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