Dream Flight

So, last night I had a dream.  In it, some friends and I were trying to get somewhere.  The ticket agent at the airport said that she can get us on a flight that would take us there and, if we would just have a seat, she’ll get us on it momentarily.

We all sit down and the ticket agent proceeds to help other people.  No matter what destination these people want to reach, she tells them that they should get on our airplane.  “Hi, I’m trying to get to Chicago.”  “Oh, well, this plane doesn’t go there but it’ll get you closer, let me get you a ticket.”  “Hi, I’m trying to get to Antarctica.”  “You should get on this plane, it’s going in your general direction.”  And they all would get on.

My subconscious is apparently trying to tell me that sometimes you need to take steps to reach your goal instead of trying to reach your goal right away.  Of course, I have no idea to what goal my subconscious is referring.  Stupid subconscious.

Then again, I was actually able to reach my goal in one hop in the dream.  So maybe my subconscious was just mocking all those people who get sidetracked when trying to reach their goal.  In which case, my subconscious is kind of an ass.