Commutageddon? More like Commutaheaven!

Well, Commutageddon is a bust.  The morning commute was exactly the same as it always was and the evening commute was actually faster than usual.

Maybe there were so many people off today because of Casimir Pulaski Day?  Or maybe so many people were scared off because of the dire warnings of mass hysteria?  Either way, I’ll take it.

One thought on “Commutageddon? More like Commutaheaven!

  1. Eric S

    Day 2 of Commutageddon wasn’t bad either. The train was crowded but I was running later when that was to be expected.

    Taking the train to trivia last night I ended up having to explain the brown line routes to two different people. I should send them a bill for services. A lot more were confused stepping on and off the train.

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